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Photo Galleries

Completed 49ers Passports

Chester Visit 18th November 2017 

Annual Installation 11th November 2017

Bro Jon Bolton FC Degree 19th October 2017

Bro Jon Bolton EA Degree 5th October 2017

Provincial Grand Lodge Installation 17th June 2017

Grand Lodge Communication 8th June 2017

Golf Outing 13th May 2017

Visit to Lodge Rothes No 532 29th April 2017

Visit to Lodge Earl Haig No 1260 26th April 2017 

Visit to Lodge Balfour Melville No 809 13th April 2017

Lodge Glenrothes No 1549 6th April 2017

Bro Jocky Rogers 70 Year Diploma December 2016

Bro Stuart Fowler Mark Degree 17th March 2017

Wardens Degree at Lodge Cupar O' Fife 19 16th March 2017

Lady Haig Poppy Factory 3rd March 2017 

Regular Meeting 2nd March 2017

Burns Supper 4th Feb 2017

Bro Stuart Fowler MM Degree 19th January 2017

Bro Arthur Lang Mark Degree 12th January 2017

Grand Lodge Installation 24th November 2016 

Bro Stuart Fowler FC Degree 17th November 2016

Annual Installation 12th November 2016

Icelandic Brethren Visit 4th November 2016

Bro Stuart Fowler EA Degree 20th October 2016

Chester Visit 15th October 2016

Bro Michael Quigley MMM Degree 6th October 2016

Joint Degree Worked with Lodge Randolph No 776 29th September 2016

WSW EA Degree 15th September 2016

Visit to Lodge St Serf No 327 7th May 2016

Sportsman Dinner 30th april 2016

Visit to The Lodge of Kirkcaldie No 72 19th April 2016

Bro Arthur Lang MM 7th April 2016

Visit to Templehall 1599 6th April 2016

Bro Michael Quigley MM 17th March 2016

Annual Dance 12th March 2016 

Bro Arthur Lang FC 3rd March 2016

Visit to Lodge Glenrothes 1549 24th February 2016

Bro Michael Quigley FC 18th February 2016

Bro Arthur Lang EA 4th February 2016

PGL Quarterly Communication 30th January 2016

Visit to Lodge Balfour Melville 809 28th January 2016

Bro Joe Fowkes MMM Degree 21st January 2016

Bro Michael Quigley EA Degree 14th January 2016

WSW FC Degree 19th November 2015

Visit to St Fothad's No 1059 17th November 2015

Annual Installation 14th November 2015

Joint Degree Worked With Lodge Randolph No 776 29th October 2015 

PGL Statutory Communication 22nd October 2015 

Bro Zak Guild Mark Degree 15th October 2015

Visit to Lodge Ballingry 1183 1st May 2015

Bro Bill Robertson PM 50 Year Presentation 16th April 2015

Bro Joseph Fowkes MM Degree 2nd April 2015

Bro John Rougvie Mark Degree 19th February 2015

Bro Joseph Fowkes EA Degree 5th February 2015 

Firefighter Degree at Lodge Randolph 776 29th January 2015

Burns Supper 24th January 2015

Lodge Oswald of Dunikier 468 Confer MM Degre 8th January 2015

Lodge Templehall 1599 Confer Mark Degree 4th December 2014

Bro Zack Guild FC Degree & 50 Year Diploma Presentation 20th November 2014

Lodge Installation 8th November 2014

Poppy Planting, Princes Street Gardens 29th October 2014

Lodge St Clair of Dysart 520 Confer MM Degree 16th October 2014

Visit to Mother Lodge Number '0' 14th October 2014

Visit to St Clair of Dysart 520 9th October 2014

Duchess of Portland Lodge Visit 4th October 2014

Bro Martin Mark Degree 2nd October 2014

Visit to Deeside Lodge No 3801, North Wales September 2014

Bro Zak Guild (Lewis) EA Degree 18th September 2014

St Ayles 95 Trip to Isle of May 26th July 2014

125th Anniversary 10th May 2014

Golf Outing 3rd May 2014

Sportsmans Dinner 26th April 2014

Annual Dance 22nd March 2014

Kirkcaldie 72 Visit MM Degree 20th March 2014

Senior Members Night 7th March 2014

Bro John Rougvie FC Degree (PGL Annual Visit) 6th March 2014

Honorary Member Bro Drew Simpson PM Presentation 4th March 2014 

Travelling Gavel From King Robert De Bruce 304 24th February 2014

Columns Degree for Bro Haggart 6th February 2014

WSW FC Degree Two Lewis Candidates 30th January 2014

Burns Supper 25th January 2014

Bro Bill McSkimming MM Degree 16th January 2014

Bro Dave Martin MM Degree 9th January 2014

Auld Years Night 2013

WSW Completes 49 Lodges 19th December 2013

60 Year Diploma Presentation 5th December 2013

Lodge Installation 9th November 2013

Joint FC Degree with Lodge Randolph 31st October 2013

Jubilee Shield Presentation at Earl Haig 23rd October 2013

Markinch Highland Games 2013

Golf Outing 2013

Brethren on Tour 14th May 2013

Annual Dance 23rd March 2013

Joint FC Degree with Lodge Randolph 29th November 2012

Lodge Installation 2012

Presentation to Bro. Bill Robertson PPGC 2012

Golf Outing 2012

Lodge Office-Bearers 2011-2012

Golf Outing 2011

Lodge Charity Presentations 2011

Senior Members 2011

PM J O'Harrow 50 year Diploma

Annual Dance 2011

Golf Outing 2010

Lodge Presentations


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