Lodge Balgonie 764

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Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master Bro. Tom Bradley

Presented Past Provincial Grand Chaplain Bro. Bill Robertson with his regalia 20th Sept 2012

Tom Bradley with Bill Robertson

Bro. Tom Bradley with Bro. Bill Robertson

Tom Bradley, Bill Robertson, RWM Ron Dickson and WSPGM Gordon Michie

Left to Right

Tom Bradley, Bill Robertson RWM Ron Dickson and Gordon Michie

Bill Robertson with RWM Ron Dickson

Bro. Bill Robertson with RWM Ron Dickson

RWM Ron Dickson with Bro. Jockie Rodgers

RWM Ron Dickson with Bro. Jockie Rodgers

Bro Jockie Rodgers back in his mother lodge. He now lives in Canada and we wish him best wishes in his masonry in Alberta where he flies the flag for, Lodge Balgonie, our Province and the GLS.


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